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L2 futuristic wheels

''That's L2 Futuristic wheels''
Leading the rim market trend and selecting many high-quality rim brands. price. Serve. efficiency

Dongsheng has been deeply involved in the rim industry for several years. It mainly represents the well-known foreign rim brands 305FOGED WHEELS and STELLAR WHEELS from the United States. It also introduces Taiwan's cutting-edge brand ATMOS X WHEELS and cooperates with many car dealers. Currently, there are nearly a hundred car dealers in Taiwan. Products from JISHAN can be purchased

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Tel: +886 3 323 3689
Address: No. 428-9, Xinsheng Road, Luzhu District, Taoyuan City

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No. 428-9, Xinsheng Rd., Luzhu Dist.,
Taoyuan City 338, Taiwan (ROC)
Email: jayhsu.l2@gmail.com
CAS Auto PlazaRoom 1318, No. 488, Anchi Road,
Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai,
China Post Code 201800
Email: jayhsu.l2@gmail.com